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Choosing The Cehand Team For Your Project

Here at Cehand Roofing and Construction getting your needs done right the first time is our #1 priority. We have been in the roofing and construction business for 15+ years and still grow with every new customer, because we know not every customers desires  are identical and that's why we still continue to grow and educate our team.

We don't take your business lightly With over 15 years of experience in roofing, We provide all your roofing and construction needs along with our 24hr emergency response to help you in them unexpected times of trouble. So we encourage you to look no further and schedule a free no hassle assessment. No matter the need? Look no further! 

Excellence and Professionalism 

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful roof, and at Cehand Roofing that’s just what you can expect. When you make Cehand Roofing your go-to roofer, you can expect honest, professional service from a company that really cares about their clients. 

No matter the style of roof you have in mind for your home, Cehand Roofing will take care of you. Cehand Roofing has earned and will earn a reputation for excellence, class, and professionalism. At Cehand Roofing our roofing expertise extends from flat roll roofing to composite shingles, and everything in-between.

Insured and Guaranteed

Don't Get Scammed! After a hail storm, you will likely be inundated by fly-by-night offers that seem to good to refuse.

Contact Cehand Roofing

We are Insured and are here to stay for generations to come.
Choosing a Contractor is the most important decision you can make to protect your investment lies within your decision on which contractor you choose. Make sure you choose the right one Cehand Roofing!

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